UI Tabs

Details on Nighty app's UI Tabs for efficient navigation within the interface.

How to get access to the tabs?

To access the tabs, utilize the sidebar by hovering over the Nighty logo located in the top-left corner of the app. Once the sidebar is open, you can easily switch between tabs.

Built-in tabs

Nighty features three built-in tabs:

  1. Overview tab. Provides information on the connected account, basic stats for both Nighty and Discord, and facilitates the addition and switching of accounts. It also houses the Notification Center; a redesigned Console that acts as an intelligent hub recording every interaction, including commands, notifications, friend updates, won giveaways, nitro snipes, errors, and many more.

  2. Community tab. Allows users to explore community-generated content such as Nighty themes and custom scripts, with easy one-click browsing and installation.

  3. Rich Presence tab. Empowers users to personalize their Discord rich presence.

Custom tabs

In addition to the built-in tabs, Nighty provides the flexibility to incorporate custom tabs into the user interface. Creating custom tabs necessitates coding knowledge, particularly in Python and optionally basic CSS. Detailed instructions and guidelines for adding custom tabs can be found in the official documentation, accessible here.

Moreover, you can enhance your Nighty experience by downloading pre-made custom themes from our vibrant community. Simply navigate to the 'Community' tab, select 'Scripts,' and identify scripts labeled as "UI Script" for an array of ready-to-use custom themes.

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