First Launch

Getting started is a breeze. Follow our simple guide to launch Nighty for the first time!

Purchase Nighty Key

Purchase a license key at through our official shop or from one of our authorized resellers.

To ensure maximum security, it is imperative to save your Nighty key in a safe and protected location. We recommend storing it in a text file (.txt) on a USB or flash drive, or using a dedicated app on your phone's notes for added convenience. Nevertheless, we strongly discourage the use of pen and paper to safeguard your Nighty key, as this approach may lead to potential loss or unauthorised access. Prioritising the safety of your Nighty key is of paramount importance to maintain the integrity of your Nighty account and its associated functionalities.

Each license key is intended for a single owner. Official license keys can be purchased from our authorized shop at Reselling keys unofficially is strictly prohibited and may result in key revocation, ensuring a fair and secure environment for all users.

Download the launcher

Download the launcher from our official website at You will be asked for a license key before downloading.

Unzipping and Placing the launcher

Unzip the Nighty.exe from and place the executable file in the C:/Nighty directory. This step ensures a smooth installation and proper functioning on your system.

Connect Nighty to your Discord account

To connect to your account, Nighty offers three login options: Client Login, Web Login and Token Login.

If you have the Discord app installed on your PC, it's highly recommended. This method performs the login process automatically, restarting your Discord app and connecting the bot to your account.


Congratulations! Nighty is now successfully connected to your account. For any assistance, please refer to our troubleshooting guide or reach out to our dedicated support team.

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