Connection Issues

If Nighty launches but won't connect to Nighty Servers / Discord account, troubleshoot with targeted solutions for a seamless connection.

Error: Failed to connect

Nighty has failed to connect to the servers after multiple attempts. Please try again later. Possible solutions:

  1. Update Nighty Ensure you have the latest version of Nighty. Visit to redownload the launcher. Follow the First Launch tutorial on the documentation page for a step-by-step guide to update Nighty to its most recent version.

  2. Disable your antivirus Disable Windows Defender Real-time protection), including any third-party programs like Malwarebytes, to prevent any potential false positive detections during the installation process. This step helps ensure that Nighty's files are not mistakenly flagged as malicious.

  3. Disable Firewall Try temporarily disabling your firewall. Firewalls may sometimes block connections and prevent proper execution. Ensure that Nighty has the necessary permissions to access the network.

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